Welcome to Abyssal Horrors

Welcome, warlocks.
Abyssal Horrors is a collectable and competitive NFT-based card game built on the Cardano blockchain, but it's more than just that. It's an entire universe with deep lore behind the cards.
​You take on the role of a warlock, a powerful magician who can summon horrific beings from lesser demons to greater deities. Only you can know what you're fighting for. Do you want to defend your world from invaders? Do you want to gain the power to summon the most powerful beings known to man? Do you want to rule as a deity yourself?
Battles take place between two warlocks and you each seek to subdue the other by whatever means necessary. Use your cards to summon abyssals to fight for you, to cast spells, to arm yourself and even invoke rituals to enhance your warlock powers. Once you've defeated your enemy, you declare victory and the glory is yours, but be warned...you aren't the only one with powerful tricks up your sleeves.
This whitepaper will talk you through the plans going forward for the game. For the full roadmap that will be updated more regularly, please visit our website: https://www.abyssalhorrors.com/roadmap
Last modified 8mo ago